Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quality vs. Quantity

As I have been preparing for our board meeting tonight I am reminded of the strength of my passion, and am thankful.
Last night, I was surrounded by people around late sixty to seventy plus. I paid attention to what was being said, what they verbalized as cares and concerns and what made them smile. All of them, no exceptions, seemed comfortable with their lifestyle and choices on the outside. But I couldn't help but wonder what they really thought. Did age bring a mastering of masks? Or did they get to live out what they believed and felt passionate about?
My heart sank to think of "running out of time" and wondered if they felt that way. Should I feel this way? I have lost so many young people in my life that being young doesn't mean longevity.
I couldn't help but recall the old saying, "quality verses quantity" and the importance of the quality of each day.
I am thankful for the quality of my life. Thankful for the balance of relationships and desire to change the world.
I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I have this moment and this passion and I am alive to enjoy it!

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Brook Grieco said...

So proud of you and love your passion!