Sunday, July 11, 2010

Power of Photography

Ever wonder what a kid is thinking?  Ask them.  They will usually tell you if you look like you are genuinely listening.
I have been giving my kiddo a camera since she was three years old.  I learn so much about her from her photography.  I learn about what she cares about, or who she cares about. 
The beauty of the pictures is that if you make time she will sit down and tell you a story that goes with each one. 
If you are a parent trying to connect with your child, don't give up....try a camera.

(According to Eden, a four year old at the time, this dear, sweet community of animals were having picture day.  They had just experienced a move and were thankful that no one was left in a box or behind.  They celebrated being a family and having each other.  She claims they vowed to never forget their experience of the biggest change of their lives.)

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